Interest Rates Explained – In Simple Terms !!

People always ask me, “so what are your rates”?

The Number 1 Question – What is your Interest Rate ?

Listed below is a simple & quick run-down on interest rates when it comes to purchasing your next vehicle.

People always ask me, “so what are your rates”? My bank/finance company told me on the phone that I will get 4.25% !!

Some companies advertise rates which are often quite far removed from what they can actually offer.

We have two main variable factors and when those two factors intersect that gives us the rate. The first variable is [...]

Credit Score Infographic – how is your credit score calculated?

Have you ever wondered to yourself what actually makes up your credit score? Or how is my credit score calculated? Well wonder no more, as we serve to you in a tasty burger style how your credit score is formulated. Hopefully it's simple enough to digest!

What Comprehensive Credit Reporting means for you and your credit score

A new fairer system of credit reporting is being rolled out across Australia called Comprehensive Credit Reporting.
In the latest Federal Budget you may have heard the Treasurer Scott Morrison mention the changes to credit reporting, but if you’re like us you probably didn’t take any notice. So what is Comprehensive Credit Reporting and why should you care?
In March 2014, changes were put in place to start rolling-out a fairer credit reporting system known as Comprehensive Credit Reporting. Credit reports and credit scores before these changes had limited data and only used ‘negative data’ to assess your credit-worthiness – how well you manage your credit commitments. This data would typically include information such as how many credit enquiries you have made [...]

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